Beer Dust At NHC 2015: Getting Tired Now!

Continuing the story of Beer Dust’s first NHC!

The previous afternoon of busy booth duty at the Expo and the epic craft beer tasting that was Pro-Brewer’s Night had resulted in a group of very tired Beer Dust staff!  I couldn’t quite get myself out of bed in time for a 9 AM lecture, desiring more […]

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Beer Dust At NHC 2015: Getting Going Now!

My last post covered setting up our booth at the NHC Homebrew Expo, exploring San Diego breweries, street-fighting, and hobnobbing with the homebrew industry.  This post covers Thursday, the first official day of the conference.

The morning dawned bright, but soon to become overcast.  I had signed up to help judge the final round of the […]

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Beer Dust At NHC 2015: The Beginning!

With the National Homebrewer’s Conference (NHC) being held in San Diego this year, I was very excited for the excuse to get out to that beer-centric city. Even better, with our first run of Beer Dust IPA packs ready, we were able to take almost our whole company out there as well! I’ve been to […]

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Beer Dust Is Born!

Eric here!  I thought I’d give a little background on myself and Beer Dust.  I’ve been homebrewing for over 25 years, learning the ropes from my mom back in the late 80’s to early 90’s.  Doing the math, I’ve been homebrewing for more than half of my life!  Over the past 10 years or so, […]

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