Can I use Beer Dust for any beer I want to brew?
Each Beer Dust formula is designed specifically to enhance the flavor profile of a specific style. So a Beer Dust IPA formula would not be ideal when brewing a Wee Heavy, a Porter or even a Lager. Look for more Beer Dust styles to be sold soon.
I see one packet is good for 5 gallons of beer. To make a 5 gallon batch of beer I use more water than that for mashing, sparging and topping off, do I need more packets?
Nope. One packet is designed for 5 finished gallons.
Will Beer Dust improve mash efficiency/mash pH?
Beer Dust is not designed to maximize mash efficiency, it is designed to provide the necessary water minerals in the appropriate proportions to enhance key flavors of a specific beer style.
You should always check mash pH and adjust accordingly to achieve the proper mash pH.
*With that said, Beer Dust was designed through all-grain batch testing and should get you in the ball-park range of optimal mash pH if utilizing a basic IPA recipe, requiring only small adjustments to pH if necessary.

Why do I have to use RO or Distilled water with Beer Dust?
Beer consists of roughly 90-97% water, and therefore your beer can only be as great as the water you use to make it. Water purified via Reverse Osmosis (RO) or Distillation produces highly pure water devoid of contaminates and most all dissolved minerals. Certain types of beers benefit from the presence of particular amount of water minerals and or the ratios of these minerals in the water. Highly purified water provides a clean slate, from which any water profile can be built by precisely adding back the necessary minerals.

Do I really have to use RO or distilled water? I have a really good filter that takes out
99.999999999999% of everything – can’t I just use that instead?

Yes, you do need to use RO or distilled water for the Beer Dust product to be effective and produce beer of a higher quality than that produced from tap water, even filtered tap water.

Home filters can be semi-effective in removing contaminants (heavy metals and organic substances) but mainly work to reduce the amount of these substances and not completely remove them. Non-RO home filters systems do not remove any of the minerals that play an important role in beer flavor.

RO and Distilled water are proven purification methods that remove up to 96 percent Total Dissolved Solids (ie., sodium, calcium, sulfates, carbonates, etc.) and up to 99.9 percent of contaminants, (bacteria, viruses lead, arsenic, perchlorate, chromium, copper and radium, nitrates and fluoride).

Bottom line, home filtration systems do not remove 99.9999% of everything and you will be able to taste that in your beer.

Well, if my water is the problem, why can’t I just use RO or distilled water by itself? Why do I need to add Beer Dust?

Using pure water such as RO or distilled water is a great starting point when hombrewing, but it is only part of the puzzle. RO or distilled water does not supply the needed mineral content to yield great tasting beers. Beers brewed with straight RO/distilled water make pale beers astringent, hoppy beers rather bland and dark beers very acidic. Proper mineral content is essential for not only producing highly flavorful beers, but for beer clarity, mouthfeel and also play a key role in mash efficiency and mash pH in all-grain brewing.

How can it be THAT easy? Everything I have read says there is so much more involved in testing and conditioning your water for brewing.
There’s a lot of information out there on conditioning your brew water, especially on conditioning the water coming from your household faucet. This process usually involves getting your water professionally tested and then diluting it with RO followed by the addition of water minerals back to achieve your desired water profile. Utilizing RO/Distilled water to start with you not only start with the purest
water, you eliminate the testing and dilution requirements. With the addition of Beer Dust we’ve taken the guess work out of brew water additions, making the production of great beer simple!