About Us

We are a small group of award-winning home brewers that each have distinct backgrounds but share a love of hand crafting our own beers for friends, family and competitions.

Through many, many years of brewing experience we discovered that the difference between a blue ribbon winner and crying in your beer was simply the water. One of our biggest frustrations has been the limitless amount of variables found in beer’s main ingredient: water. Fortunately, one of our founders is a scientist and used his background to develop a series of products that condition the brew¬†water to eliminate those issues and focus on the flavor profile of each beer style. Fortunately for beer lovers and beer competition enthusiasts, another one of us is a Nationally Ranked Judge who meticulously evaluates these products. And, fortunately for you, yet another one of us is a business person who was tired of the chemists winning his ribbons and thought, “Hey! I know! Everyone wants to brew beer as well as the scientists do. Let’s package this and let everybody improve the quality of their beer!” So we did.

To date, our beers that have used IPA Beer Dust have consistently won awards, placing Best in Show, First Place and Second Place in national, state and local home brew competitions. Most importantly, they have been enjoyed by our friends, family and ourselves.

We are working on more Beer Dust recipes for more beer styles beyond the IPA. It takes a little while because we each personally brew many batches to ensure each recipe is just right to maximize the flavor profile of each beer style. Because we love BEER.